CD диск In-Akustik Hey Joe Opus Red Meat & Fantasizing About Being Black

Артикул: 0169157

Исполнитель Taylor, Otis 
Формат CD
Дата релиза 17.11.2017
Жанр Blues Rock

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  • Hey Joe (A)
  • Sunday Morning (A)
  • Heart Is A Muscle Used To Play The Blues
  • Red Meat
  • Peggy Lee
  • They Wore Blue
  • Hey Joe (B)
  • Sunday Morning (B)
  • Cold At Midnight
  • Sunday Morning (C)
  • Twelve String Mile
  • Walk On Water
  • Banjo Bam Bam
  • Hand On Your Stomach
  • Jump Jelly Belly
  • Tripping On This
  • D to E Blues
  • Jump Out Of Line
  • Just Want To Live With You Baby
  • Roll Down The Hill
  • Jump To Mexico
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Артикул 0169157
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Производитель Inakustik
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